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San Francisco's very own Babii Cris goes beyond boundaries in her 2nd 16-track album "Fearless" fully produced by Junknuts of Ashikaga, Japan. Once you press play, you immediately notice the heavy jazzy/old school hip-hop influence that producer Junknuts implemented within each instrumental. Each song is comprised of very ambient and unconventional arrangement of instruments, loops and samples, it leaves vast space for Babii Cris to be impeccably Fearless with the rhythm and rhyme of her lyrics.  Fearless is the successor to Triple Threat as a symbol of evolution to both Babii Cris' artistry and cultural perspective. With fallen friendships, disappointment with industry professionals, consciousness of reality, observance of corrupt government, authority and politicians, one must maintain modesty and truth behind each and every word when bringing light to these issues. While Triple Threat was the introduction to her creative finesse, FEARLESS unleashes Babii Cris as your fellow neo-revolutionist through hip hop. Fearless hard copies can now be purchased by clicking HERE. Fearless is also now available on most online music streaming and purchasing websites such as Bandcamp, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon MP3, Google Play and soon on iTunes. 

A word from Babii Cris:
"The theme behind this album is to be Fearless. As Nina Simone once said in an interview 'I'll tell you what freedom is to me, NO FEAR'. I discovered that interview after I decided to create this album. I have this theory, that subconsciously myself, and everyone else have been living our lives in fear. Its not intentional, we aren't always aware of it, and it is perfectly human, so I feel we live our lives in fear of what people think of us, how we dress, speak, talk, look, who we love, what we do. And I believe we EACH get to a point in our lives where we STOP living in fear of what others think, and we become FEARLESS. Fearlessness is what allows us to wake up in the morning and go do what we love, put on what ever the hell we want, and be with who ever the hell we want. Fearlessness is what allows us to be proud and fierce when we speak up, loud and clear on what WE believe in."

With this album, Babii Cris aims to ignite the Fearless flame in all of her peers, and everyone around the world. Be FEARLESS in your COMMUNITY. Speak up when you see a  wrong, don't stay SILENT to what is right. Always have unconditional love and respect for your family, especially to your Mother, the creator of your life, never forget to tell her you love her, and WHY YOU LOVE HER. Having NO FRIENDS (eventually) isn't always a bad thing, through life, you realize that you don't need friends, you need family, and true friends become a part of your family. All the good, all the bad, all the fallen friendships, failures and successes lead to your growth. Everything in life is part of your GROWTH, and don't forget that. Growth makes you who you are, not everyone will be able to put themselves in your shoes, so judgement is inevitable. What matters is that you stay true to YOU no matter what. Some will use you, abuse you, love you, lose you, all you can do is continue to be you and stay true to yourself, your craft and the ones who you love and do what you do for. Even if others can't put themselves in your shoes, you can, "IF I WAS YOU"....what would you do? Sometimes you have to take a little trip and go somewhere to let your mind at ease, but don't forget where you came from, your roots, and always be proud of that, don't get a one way ticket, get a ROUND TRIP, come back when you're ready. Its okay to be confused at times, its okay to be TRIPPIN', we all do, and we don't always have a clear vision on things that are going on, so find your MEDITATION, whether its music, art, cooking, dancing, or anything else that can put you at ease no matter how crazy things get. Love your life, although things may get hard, difficult and very confusing, life is a beautiful gift we all have, and we each have the power to become and do what ever it is we want. Make YOUR LIFE worth it. Sometimes you see a lot of bad in the world, and ask "why are bad things happening to good people? why is ANYthing bad happening to people? Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK to just...get along?" Valid point, all you can do at this point is continue setting a good example for your brothers and sisters around the world. What you give is what you get. We are all ON OUR WAY to reaching that ONE destination only WE can make for ourselves, don't give up, because you will get there and it is only up to you that you do. Each and every one of these songs, is YOUR SONG, take it, and apply your own experiences to it, we hope that it can help you to heal, cope, and be FEARLESS. We are all connected, we are all ONE, never forget that it is the power of people that over comes the higher authority who try to put so much limit and boundary on the people. Don't EVER stop fighting for what you believe in, and DON'T be a silent bystander. Remember, as the PEOPLE, it is NEVER over until we "SAY SO"


UNRAPPED Showcase is a monthly hip-hop series showcase founded by Babii Cris and Espejo Designs, where a different group of independent artists are gathered each month in order to to 'UNRAP' and perform their music and art for those who are in the Bay Area community genuinely passionate about supporting local artists who are creating true and beautiful art from their life experiences.

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