BAMBU+DJ Phatrick, Golden Age, Dregs One, Babii Cris

For the better part of this past decade, Bambu DePistola has balanced fatherhood, community organizing and work as a cultural artist with great accomplishment. The Beatrock Music Emcee has amassed a collection of projects that include the critically acclaimed Party Worker and rifle per family. albums, as well as the Sun Of A Gun mixtape -- which featured some of the most renowned turntablists in Hip Hop. Bambu has been praised by his peers as one of the most prolific Emcee's to practice the craft, and has earned his place as a Los Angeles staple artist. With the intention of social justice behind his lyrics, Bambu has also been revered as "one of the last true live Hip Hop performers left in the game." On July 22nd, at the popular New Parish in Oakland, Bambu and his long time collaborator, DJ Phatrick, will be performing songs from their latest release, Prey For The Devil. With the idea of accessibility at the forefront of Bambu shows, the $15 (advanced) ticket is a clear departure from the $35 Hip Hop show price that is now commonplace in the genre. Get your tickets now!