Babii Cris is an independent San Francisco based emcee, sound engineer, and producer pushing boundaries of music through experiences, emotions, and actions from yesterday, today and tomorrow. While one cannot define her music under just one genre, she combines the rhythm of old school, the energy of West Coast hip hop, the suave of alternative hip hop, and the lyricism of conscious rap with major influences of nineties and early millennium hip hop and RnB, alternative rock, and just recently, some chillstep. Raised by single teenage parents, Babii Cris grew up bobbing her head to nineties hip hop and early millennium artists such as Eminem, Alicia Keys, TLC, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Fugees, Amanda Perez, NB Ridaz, Outkast, and many more.

The journey to her developing music career began at the age of eight, when Babii Cris began writing her own poetry and soon recorded her rap lyrics onto cassette tapes. Her interest in music had only grown and she began to record her first few tracks at a local studio and taught herself to produce original beats and engineer her own vocals. As time passed and high school finished, she spent about three years in college learning about the production and engineering of music and audio meanwhile her bedroom slowly but surely transitioned into a music studio with professional equipment and local artists stopping by for studio time. Her remix to Aviation’s “You Were My Everything” quickly reached over 20,000 views on Youtube and began to grasp more attention as she released more singles and eventually her first mixtape Soul Deep in 2013 as a part of a collaborative LP release set with founded music group Hallucid Dreams.

In 2015, Babii Cris stepped into the limelight when she released her debut album “Triple Threat,” exclusively produced by herself. The album reached respectable attention as it reached curiosity of a young unsigned female emcee wrote, engineered, and produced a twenty-two track record. In 2016, she released her sophomore album “Fearless,” exclusively produced by Japanese based emcee and sound engineer JunkNuts. The album was deeply influenced by her affiliation with non-profit organization Hip Hop for Change, drawing awareness to corruption and disillusion of the music industry and the media portrayal of people of color as well as personal experiences she had began to face as an upcoming independent artist making sacrifices to chase her dreams.